• cabe mesin motong bobot

    Dried chilli can be used by chili stem cutting machine Pepper to the machine is an indispensable part of the process of agricultural production in some areas, design a reasonable, efficient pepper to the machine is the inevitable requirement of agricultural development.A complete chilli feeder c...
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  • Our country dried chili advantageous area and main breed type

    On the 13th national chili industry conference and the third chili culture festival of zhecheng, geng sansheng, researcher of vegetable research center of Beijing academy of agricultural and forestry sciences, introduced the superior producing areas and main types of China’s dried chili var...
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  • Pepper cutting machine —–fruit and vegetable processing equipment

    Lulu chilli cutting machine is mainly applicable to dry chilli (morning sky chilli, millet hot, Indian chilli, string chilli, bell pepper, Beijing red, big plate chilli) and other size chilli processing process in addition to the handle (the) work. For dried chilli, the shear capacity can reach 6...
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  • Top 10 hottest chilies in the world

    As someone said a long time ago, it’s not a taste, it’s a pain. The world like to eat spicy people everywhere, they think spicy is a very delicious feeling, and in the meal time have extremely meal. Especially in our country sichuan, they eat spicy degree but other provinces can not c...
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  • First – class technology first – class product pepper cutting machine

    First-class product large pepper cutting machine   We have perfect production technology and advanced management mode, is a set design, production, sales as one of the company.Relying on the continuous improvement of mechanical processing equipment, advanced design technology and strong te...
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  • Three measures should be taken for chili breeding in China

    On the 13th national chili industry conference and the third chili culture festival of zhecheng, geng sansheng, researcher of vegetable research center of Beijing academy of agricultural and forestry sciences, put forward three countermeasures for chili breeding in China in the report on the gene...
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  • Lulu chili cutting machine

    Since ancient times, chili as a condiment is a favorite of diners, now a variety of chili products are welcomed by diners. And the preparation of pepper is inseparable from the pepper to the processing results, pepper scissors machine price has become pepper processing manufacturers most need to ...
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  • The chili harvest is a happy farmhouse

    Farmers in the fields of aigang township, xihua county, henan province, are busy sorting and bundling chilies during the harvest season. In order to change this situation, since 2004, aigang township has vigorously led farmers to large-scale and industrialized cultivation of small pepper, which h...
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  • Principle of chili cutting machine

    The automatic pepper cutting machine (except the handle machine) produced by our company is mainly used for cutting off the handle of dry pepper. The net height of the cutting machine is up to 96, and the damage of pepper is low. The efficiency is up to 600KG per hour. The main machine of the pro...
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  • A bumper harvest of chilies

      On the vast land of xixiu district, anshun city, guizhou province, the order of 100,000 mu of pepper has entered the harvest harvest period. Under the clear sky, the local pepper farmers are picking, bagged and transported to the point of sale in an orderly manner.   Reported that this year, th...
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  • Kumaha carana make cabe mesin motong bobot leres

    Lamun maké cabe mesin motong bobot, loba jalma bisa jadi teu nangkep kabutuhan poko, jadi bakal aya masalah anu model kitu. Kanyataanna, lamun maké mesin cabe motong bobot, éta pisan merenah. Dina prosés migunakeun eta, saeutik pisan operasi manual, ngan mencet sababaraha tombol ka dinya, di handap pikeun nempo h ...
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  • The advantage of using chili stem cutting machine

      With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, many mechanical tools are applied in production, and mechanical operation replaces human labor, greatly saving human power.For example: pepper scissors, such a machine, it should be said that many people do not know, we...
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