When we cutting fresh chili,our hands not feel good,what should we do

Chili is the seasoning used by many families, and the capsaicin in it can be seasoned, but after we deal with the chili, our hands become red, fever and even tingle, which is the phenomenon of chopped chili.

Chili peppers produce piquancy because they contain a substance called capsaicin. When people cut chili,It’s easy to get capsaicin on your skin, such as the back of the hand and the bare skin of the arm. Capsaicin can stimulates microvasodilation,and out skin will turn red, fever and even tingling, accelerating local metabolism.

Never wash your hands in cold water. Why? This is because the capsaicin is not soluble in cold water and cannot be washed clean. When people are stimulated by capsaicin, washing their hands in cold water at once can hardly make the tingling go away. So, use other methods to solve the problem of chili peppers.

So what is the way to get rid of it?

1. After chopping chili, wipe hands with alcohol cotton ball in one direction, wash hands with clean water, wipe dry again, wipe three times until symptoms can be alleviated.

2.A small amount of vinegar can also be used to wash hands because vinegar is acidic and can be neutralized with capsaicin.

3, without vinegar, washing hands with hot water is also good. Capsaicin, though less potent than alcohol and vinegar, is more effective than cold water, because capsaicin produces irritating evaporation at high temperatures.

Post time: Sep-10-2018


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