What are the points for attention in the use of chili stem cutting machine?



Chili stem cutting machine are aimed at many enterprises that need chili processing now. In the past, people used to cut chili handles by hand, which not only took a long time, but also caused very serious damage to the skin of the body. Workers wear thick bandages every day, and sometimes their fingernails are pulled off by chili, not to mention how uncomfortable it is. Since the use of the chili stem cutting machine, the painful work has finally been picked up by a machine. An average machine can do at least 20 workmen’s work. chili stem cutting machine although good, but in use is also a lot of attention. The first is that the motor can’t Continuous frequent startup, you can even long-term use, but frequent startup will lead to overheating motor windings, damage to motor machine parts. It is a finished product made by the manufacturer after strict and precise design. When using it, the user should not disassemble the parts at will, especially the guard plate in all parts. Once the machine fails, do not reach into the machine to touch it. Check with special tools in time.

Post time: Nov-11-2019


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