What are the advantages of chilli stem cutting machine with traditional handmade shears

Today, let’s take a look at it.


First of all, the traditional manual for capsicum in addition to time-consuming and extremely inefficient. The chili stem cutting machine are completely replaced by machinery to replace human repetitive labor, not only greatly improve the efficiency of labor, but also save valuable time, for pepper products to market the first time to buy time. Secondly, the chili stem cutting machine effectively protect the health of the relevant operators. The traditional chili shears are not only monotonous, but also require workers to use their hands for a long time to remove the peppers. This not only caused great harm to the hands of the operator, but also easy to hurt the eyes, and a long time to work head down, also hurt the cervical spine and lumbar vertebrae. And all these problems, in front of chili stem cutting machine are easily dealt with. The above is the capsicum shears compared with the traditional manual shears advantages.

Post time: Sep-10-2018


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