The Indian customers come to the factory to buy automatic pepper cutting machines

May,27th 2019, the indian customers comes to the factiory to buy the automatic pepper cutting machines, and gave a high evaluation. 

Qingdao Lu Lu Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao Jiaozhou City, which is known as “International Airport”. It is a large and diversified enterprise integrating grain crops, economic crops, vegetables, planting, processing and sales, agricultural machinery and equipment technology development, sales, service and so on.

Chili Stem Cutting Machine-Adapt to different Varieties and Pepper Shape.

The main working principle: the purpose of the pepper handle that the outside cutter and the wall of the sieve barrel penetrate through the sieve hole in the process of rolling the drum again.

Welcome customers to visit our factory.



Post time: May-28-2019


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