the difference between chili cutting machine with chili powder machine


    In real life, chilli cutting machine and chilli powder machine  as a common machine in the process of chilli processing, has been widely used chilli processing machine.Today, we are going to introduce to you is the pepper powder machine and pepper cutting machine the working principle of the comparison of the problem.

    First of all, I would like to introduce the working principle of chili powder machine.Chili powder  is consists of transporting device and crushing device, and chili cutting machine is made of the transmitting device and in addition to the device, so in essence, the basic working principle of the two on the basic difference between, Chili powder machine is to breaking, cutting machine is to cut.

   Above is the chilli cutting machine and chilli powder machine the relevant working principle of the summary, today in this summary to you.I hope to help you to have a more comprehensive understanding of various types of pepper machinery, so that when there is a need, timely and accurate choice.

Post time: Jul-09-2019


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