the advantages of the new chili stem cutting machine

Chili stem cutting machine is an indispensable part of the process of agricultural production in some areas, design a reasonable, efficient pepper to the machine is the inevitable requirement of agricultural development. A complete chilli stem cutting machine consists of five parts: the feeding system, the transfer system, the gripper system, the cutting system, and the delivery system.




With the continuous development of technology, for a variety of convenient machines in life also began to appear in the market, pepper cutting machine is one of them, how to carry out such a pepper, perhaps need to choose from such functions and principles.

Structure and performance features:

1. Performance features: this machine is mainly used for cutting off dry pepper handle, with high net cutting, low pepper damage, high efficiency, and it is suitable for different varieties and pepper shape (customized). The single machine’s efficiency is more than 5 times of that of ordinary products in the market, and the whole machine’s performance reaches the international leading level. The main machine of the product is supplemented by auxiliary equipment such as removing impurities and conveying, so that the automation performance of the whole machine can be brought into full play. It is an important equipment for processing bulk agricultural products, which can replace a lot of labor, save operating cost and greatly improve work efficiency.

2. The main working principle: using mechanical loading will need processing pepper to the roller, driven by motor high-speed rotating drum, the drum of hot pepper under the action of centrifugal force, constantly made with handle heavier at one end of the stick with uniform distribution, uniform circular hole to the size of the cylinder wall, chili handle card into the round hole, along with the roller rotation process, cut off by a shear device installed in the outside of the drum, so as to realize smooth handle.

Post time: Jan-10-2020


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