Supply newest chili stem cutting machine factory

With the development of The Times and the progress of science and technology, human beings are increasingly weak in the face of machinery. Especially when industry 4.0 is coming, the mechanical automation of production is the general trend.By the invention of jiaozhou li zhimin chili stem cutting machine (handle machine), is in this situation.What are the advantages of chili stem cutting machine compared with tradiional manual cutting?Traditional manual chili stem cutting time consumption and efficiency is very low, and because pepper is a stimulant product, long-term engaged in manual cutting work, has a greater harm to the human body, limb deformation, skin disease, eye stimulation injury is very serious.At present, no amount of salary for young people is willing to engage in this work, employment difficulties, high turnover rate, low efficiency of enterprises, affecting the production efficiency of the entire industrial chain.All of the above problems can be easily solved in front of the chili stem cutting machine.


Post time: May-28-2020


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