Rigorous, scientific invention fruit: chili stem cutting machine

Rigorous, scientific invention fruit: chili stem cutting machine.




Recently, the reporter learned from the jiaolai town government of jiaozhou city that “chilli cutting the handle machine” was born in jiaolai town industrial park. The machine was invented by li zhimin, general manager of Qingdao lulu agricultural equipment co., LTD., jiaolai town. It is reported that the birth of “chili cutting machine” took more than three years, during which many failed attempts, now “pepper cutting machine” not only applied for a national patent, but also received a lot of domestic orders.

On the morning of July 25, the reporter came to Qingdao lulu agricultural equipment co., LTD., which is located in the industrial park of jiaolai town. At one end of the machine, workers poured unsheared peppers into the machine. At the other end, bags of sheared peppers were given a new life.

It’s not so bad now. When winter comes we workers have to use bandages on our fingers to cut the peppers. Li zhimin tells a reporter sadly. Li zhimin also said that since the invention of “pepper cutting machine”, this painful work is done by the machine, a machine can complete the workload of 20 workers a day, not only reduce the pain of workers, but also improve work efficiency.

 The reporter learns in spot, “chili cuts machine” 8 hours can process chili about 4000 kg. According to li zhimin, many companies in xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, sichuan, shandong and other places have bought more than 20 “chilli cutting machines” from him, and some enterprises in southeast Asia and South Korea have also placed orders for them to conduct preliminary processing of chilli.

Post time: Aug-06-2019


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