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With the development of The Times and the progress of science and technology, manpower is increasingly weak in the face of machinery, especially in the upcoming industry 4.0, mechanical automation of production is the general trend.Invented by jiaozhou li zhimin pepper cutting machine (except the handle machine), is in this case born.What are the advantages of the pepper cutting machine over the traditional hand cutting machine?Traditional manual pepper scissors spend time and energy consumption and efficiency is very low, and because pepper is stimulating products, long-term engaged in artificial shear work, the human body has a greater injury, limb deformation, skin disease, eye stimulation injury is very serious.At present, no matter how much salary young people give, they are unwilling to do this work. Due to the labor shortage, high turnover rate and low efficiency of enterprises, the production efficiency of the whole industrial chain is affected.And above all problems, in front of the pepper cutting machine can be easily solved.





The automatic pepper cutting machine (except the handle machine) produced by our company is mainly used for dry pepper handle cutting, the cutting height is up to 96, the pepper loss is low, the efficiency is up to 600KG per hour, and according to the custom can adapt to different varieties and pepper shape, the performance of the whole machine reaches the international leading level.The main machine is supplemented by auxiliary equipment such as removing clutter and conveying, so that the automation performance of the whole machine can be given full play, which can replace a lot of labor, save operation cost and greatly improve work efficiency.

Post time: Dec-02-2019


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