Promote and upgrade the chili stem cutting machine

Since ancient times, chili as a condiment is a favorite of diners, now a variety of chili products are welcomed by diners. And the preparation of pepper is inseparable from the pepper to the processing results, pepper to the machine price has become the pepper processing manufacturers most need to understand the content. Pepper to the machine to bear the heavy responsibility of pepper product processing production, so pepper to the quality of the machine is particularly important, at the same time pepper to the machine price is also pepper processing manufacturers want to be familiar with, choose cost-effective pepper to the machine, so as not to buy the price of the product is not true.




It is the key factor to improve the output of pepper processing plant to choose the best pepper cutting machine. Generally speaking, the manufacturer of pepper scissors machine has the leading mechanical equipment manufacturing technology, the production of equipment must also apply for the country’s qualified certification to the market, so pepper processing manufacturers in the choice of pepper scissors machine equipment, must ask for the country issued qualified certification mark. High quality chilli scissors are direct sales by manufacturers, customers do not have to worry about its installation, technical guidance and after-sales service.

However, pepper in addition to handle machine equipment is different from the traditional processing method of fruit and vegetable processing equipment, it is preferred to use the centrifugal vibration principle of physics to protect pepper itself, which is the traditional mechanical equipment can not reach the very low rate of tip injury. Moreover, the pepper in addition to the handle machine equipment raw materials is also imported from Germany of high quality mechanical raw materials, its technical means is many years of mechanical equipment production experience. It is an important task at present to popularize the equipment of pepper handle remover of such enhanced version to each large pepper treatment plant.

Post time: Jan-13-2020


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