Lulu chili cutting machine

Since ancient times, chili as a condiment is a favorite of diners, now a variety of chili products are welcomed by diners. And the preparation of pepper is inseparable from the pepper to the processing results, pepper scissors machine price has become pepper processing manufacturers most need to understand the content. Pepper scissors machine bear the heavy responsibility of pepper product processing production, so the quality of pepper scissors machine is particularly important, at the same time pepper scissors machine price is also pepper processing manufacturers want to be familiar with, choose cost-effective pepper scissors machine, so as not to buy the price of the product.



The automatic pepper cutting machine (except the handle machine) produced by our company is mainly used for cutting off the handle of dry pepper. The net height of the cutting machine is up to 96, and the damage of pepper is low. The efficiency is up to 600KG per hour. The main machine of the product is supplemented by auxiliary equipment such as removing miscellaneous and conveying, so that the automation performance of the whole machine can be brought into play significantly, which can replace a lot of labor, save operating costs and greatly improve work efficiency.

chili to put the machine automatically formed two layers, three layers of various model products, can according to user requirements to implement custom, it is made of the main structure of large stainless steel drum after the special craft processing, internal baffle, 2 blades, and USES the spring tension, inlet with diversion column, avoid congestion, and adopted the design of motor and reversing. Basic working principle is: use mechanical loading will need processing pepper to the roller, through the motor drive the high-speed rotating drum, the drum of hot pepper under the action of centrifugal force, constantly made with handle heavier at one end of the stick with uniform distribution, uniform circular hole to the size of the cylinder wall, chili handle card into the round hole, along with the roller rotation process, cut off by a shear device installed in the outside of the drum, so as to realize smooth handle.

Post time: Jan-09-2020


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