Jiaozhou become the chili industry leader

   In the chili industry, there is a saying that “the world chili to see China, China chili to see jiaozhou”.

  As the world’s largest exporter of chili, China accounts for about 40-50% of the world’s chili market share, while jiaozhou and surrounding areas account for 70% of the national chili market share, with a total transaction volume of about 12 billion yuan.

   Up to now, there are more than 360 chili processing enterprises in jiaozhou, among which 72 have export right, 25 have annual sales of more than 100 million yuan, 6 have become provincial leading enterprises, a total of more than 4,000 practitioners, the export of chili products accounted for more than 80% of the country, jiaozhou has become the world famous chili processing and export distribution center.

   At present, China is vigorously developing the “One Belt And One Road” strategy. Jiaozhou is an excellent transportation hub, which provides strong support for local pepper enterprises to expand the domestic and overseas markets. In order to ensure sufficient supply of raw materials, local enterprises have gradually set up pepper planting bases in xinjiang, gansu and other regions with suitable climate.

   Nowadays, 45,000 tons of chilies are transported to jiaozhou by railway and road from xinjiang, gansu, Inner Mongolia and liaoning, and then processed and exported to Asia, Europe and other countries and regions by sea.Small pepper, “one belt” and “one road” link together.

  “The chamber of commerce and association members have developed about 450,000 mu of pepper base in xinjiang, driven around 150,000 mu of cultivation, and increased the output value by more than 2 billion yuan.”Wang yong said the development of pepper export industry is of great significance to boost the overall income of farmers, the diversion of rural labor force and the development of rural processing industry.

   ”Hot pepper, sweet pepper dry products processing labor demand is large, a medium-sized processing plant generally needs 200 to 300 people, each person can get more than 100 yuan per day income.According to wang ruqing, the pepper industry has driven about 20,000 people to find jobs in jiaozhou city, and reached more than 1 million mu in xinjiang, henan, hebei, shanxi, Inner Mongolia, gansu and the three northeastern provinces, directly benefiting nearly 200,000 households.


Post time: Jul-10-2019


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