Introduction to the advantages of using chili stem cutting machine

In real life, the technology of using chili stem cutting machine has been developed and used. We all know that chili is a specialty of Sichuan Province in china, Sichuan people not only like to eat chili, the key is where the climate is more suitable for growing chili. For this kind of main crop, people pick it and sell it as finished snacks.


One of the most common procedures for processing chili foods is to remove handles of them. It can be said that this process is a very troublesome process, a worker comes down a day, Not only can not get rid of a lot of chili handle, but also because of constantly touching chili pepper, pepper juice injury to the hand.

In view of this situation of processing chili, people have developed chili stem cutting machine. This kind of machine can greatly improve the efficiency of production, and it is very simple to operate, as long as the chili is put into the machine,and come out,the machine will put the chili clean.

Post time: Mar-24-2020


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