Introduce our newest chili stem cutting machine



The fully automatic chili stem cutting machine (handle remover) produced by our company is mainly used for dry and wet chili stem removal. The equipment can be cut as high as 97% to 98%, the chili stem damage is low, and the efficiency can reach 600 KG per hour. It can adapt to

different varieties and shapes according to customization, and the performance of the machine reaches the international leading level. The main engine of the product is supplemented by auxiliary equipment such as deburring and conveying, which makes the automation performance of the whole machine play a significant role. It can replace a large number of manpower, save operation costs and greatly improve work efficiency.
   ”Lulu” automatic chili stem cutting machine has formed a series of products of two drums and three drums, which can be customized according to user’s needs. The main structure of the product is a large stainless steel drum processed by special technology, with a through shaft and baffle, two rows of blades, and is tightened by spring. The inlet port is equipped with a guide column to avoid blockage, and the positive and negative rotation design of the motor is adopted.The basic working principle is that the processed chili peppers are conveyed to the drum by mechanical feeding, and the drum is driven by a motor to rotate at a high speed, so that the chili peppers in the drum will turn over continuously under the action of centrifugal force, so that the
heavier end of the handle is attached to the drum wall with uniform distribution and uniform size holes, and the chili stem is stuck in the hole, which is installed in the drum during the process of rotation. The shearing device on the outer side of the cylinder is cut off, so that the handle can be removed smoothly.

Post time: May-13-2020


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