instruction using the chili stem cutting machine





chili stem cutting machine for many needs of enterprises and produce a kind of machinery and equipment, in the past, people were cut by hand chili, not only time-consuming, but also to the body skin injury is very serious, workers with thick bandage every day, sometimes hand nails will be hot pepper to pull off, it have been pain, since using pepper the shearing machine, the pain of work finally had the machine pick up, an average of one machine can complete at least 20 the workload of workers.

chili stem cutting machine although good, but there are a lot of attention when using. First of all, the motor cannot be started continuously and frequently. You can use it for a long time uniformly, but frequent starting will cause the motor winding to overheat and damage the machine parts of the motor.

 It is by the manufacturer after strict precision design made of the finished product, users in the use of not to disassemble parts at will, especially in the parts of the modern protection board, once the machine failure, do not reach into the machine to touch, should be promptly shut down with special tools to check. For the pepper shears in the use of the machine, we must operate in strict accordance with the specifications, once there is any problem should first do is to turn off the power supply, after the maintenance.

Post time: Aug-05-2019


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