How to use chili stem cutting machine properly

When using chili stem cutting machine, many people may not grasp the essentials, so there will be such a problem. In fact, when using chili stem cutting machine, it is very convenient. In the process of using it, very little manual operation, just press a few buttons on it, the following to see how to correctly use the chili stem cutting machine. 

The safety of this machine must be noted, many people may not care about such a small device, so they will ignore many of the security issues. When it is found that some of the chili peppers are always unable to drain out, many people will take them out with their hands at will, if nothing goes wrong, but if the equipment gets stuck, it will be very serious.

Maintenance of chili stem cutting machine, must always apply lubricating oil on the equipment, so that the equipment will be better to work for themselves.


Post time: May-22-2020


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