Have a good reputation of pepper stem cutting machine pepper to the machine to handle the machine factory

This machine has good economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits, the efficiency is manually picked dozens of times, is a good project for farmers to get rich, especially suitable for farms and planting professionals, can be used by themselves, can also be commercial, the purchase of the machine, the year can recover the cost.

Our company’s products have a number of national patents, we continue to introduce domestic and foreign advanced technology, constantly optimize the product structure, carefully casting product quality. After years of development of the company’s strong technical force, over the years mainly engaged in machinery and equipment industry, compared with the same industry, has a reasonable product structure design, beautiful appearance, stable operation, low noise product advantages. The enterprise mainly takes the whole country and the peripheral countries as the market orientation, has established the brand





The automatic pepper cutting machine (except the handle machine) produced by our company is mainly used for cutting off the handle of dry pepper. The net height of the cutting machine is up to 96, and the damage of pepper is low. The efficiency is up to 600KG per hour. The main machine of the product is supplemented by auxiliary equipment such as removing miscellaneous and conveying, so that the automation performance of the whole machine can be brought into play significantly, which can replace a lot of labor, save operating costs and greatly improve work efficiency.

Post time: Nov-26-2019


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