Gansu pepper cultivation paves zhifu road

  Standing in the field of yongning village, shuiyuan town, yongchang county, gansu province, you can see rows and rows of green peppers growing well, Lao lu in the inside of the walk to see, the branches and leaves from time to time to reveal the red pepper.Lao lu, named lv zixiong, is a villager of yongning village, shuiyuan town, yongchang county.Last year, he planted chilies on his five mu of land. He sold 6,000 yuan for each mu of chilies he harvested. This year, he planted 100 mu of chilies.”The prospect of the pepper market is good, and the fact that gansu deyuan agricultural science and technology development co., ltd. will provide technical guidance and high-quality pepper seedlings gives me a lot of confidence,” lu said.Xu yanchang, li zikui these large growers are also under the leadership of deyuan company to grow pepper and sell out, everyone’s income increased a lot.
  In 2003, Mr. CAI retired from the army and returned to his hometown. Seeing that villagers were still planting traditional crops with low efficiency, he set his mind on finding a new way out.Selling his homegrown chilies, Mr. Choi saw an opportunity.Under the support and guidance of yongchang county party committee, county government and relevant departments, deyuan company and Beijing liyuan seed and seedling company jointly developed “deyuan no. 13″ and other hybrid pepper varieties, which are favored by consumers.CAI offered a protective price, and provided pepper seedlings, fertilizer and technical guidance, leading the villagers to develop the pepper industry.

“Deyuan station” has also been established in liuquan village, zhengjiapu village, zhuwangpu town, yongchang county, shuangcheng town, liangzhou district, wuwei city, hongxiang town and other places to provide timely services for farmers.

  “Our output value reached 80 million yuan last year.”"The planting area has increased this year, and the market is expected to be better than last year,” CAI said.Pepper and corn intercropping, a program that Mr. Tsai is experimenting with this year.He said: “this kind of planting, mutual influence is not big, per mu of pepper plus corn can earn about 7,000 yuan, after the promotion can further improve the income of villagers.”



Post time: Aug-12-2019


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