Chili has become the first category of vegetable industry in China

  The 14th national chili industry conference and the fourth henan zhecheng chili culture festival today in the township of three cherry pepper – zhecheng county grand opening. Zhao yumin, secretary-general of the organizing committee of the congress, pointed out in his speech on behalf of the organizing committee of the congress that chili has become the largest category of vegetable industry in China.

  Zhao yumin said that China is the largest chili production and consumption country in the world. After years of development, China has formed a whole industrial chain pattern led by six major producing areas and eight distribution centers, 50 leading seed enterprises and 70 leading processing enterprises.With a planting area of 30 million mu and a output of 40 million tons, chili has become the largest category of vegetable industry in China.With the implementation of the national strategy of “One Belt And One Road”, the introduction and application of the Internet, the Internet of things, big data and the entry of financial capital, the chili industry has ushered in new opportunities for development.Scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, reorganization and merger bring unprecedented challenges to the industry.Whoever can think ahead to carry out strategic change and innovative operation will be able to obtain sustainable market opportunities.

  In order to adapt to the demand of the enterprise, the organizing committee is planning since 2020 held on pepper, pepper, pepper, green onion, ginger, garlic, mustard, etc, integration information platform for the exchange of content industry category for the enterprise to provide more useful information, product, market, technology, equipment, policy information, enterprise product market competitiveness, the management and development level of science and technology industry as a whole.

  Opportunity and risk coexist at present, the hot pepper industry, need to be in all levels of government support, guidance, scientific research institutions, enterprises and trade organizations, such as a concerted effort to carry out creative work and promote advantage pepper varieties development, the process of mechanization of chili, expand the planting area, continue to upgrade the pepper processing technology innovation, enhance competitive advantage of hot pepper industry in China.



Post time: Sep-28-2019


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