A bumper harvest of chilies

  On the vast land of xixiu district, anshun city, guizhou province, the order of 100,000 mu of pepper has entered the harvest harvest period. Under the clear sky, the local pepper farmers are picking, bagged and transported to the point of sale in an orderly manner.

  Reported that this year, the west area in further promote rural industrial revolution, with better living “eight elements”, practice, “five-step” execution of work, continue to guide farmers economic benefit is good chili, through scale and intensive development order chili, shall be the responsibility of the leading enterprises in pepper plants, fertilizer, technology, and farmers signed purchase orders at the same time.Yang xiaolei took the opportunity to invite 16 fellow villagers, circulation of more than 1000 mu mountain construction chili base, into the upsurge of the industrial revolution.

  In order to ensure the hot pepper industry well, sell qiao, west xiu district party committee, the district government overall planning ahead of time, set up special hot pepper industry team, build the government guidance, leading enterprises driving, the running mode of the main body, market leading and show in guizhou spicy world agriculture co., LTD. Is a leading, signed purchase order, with households farmers order base acquisition, good market, according to the market price to buy.

  In order to improve the chili industry chain and let more people continue to enjoy the benefits of the chili industry, in July this year, xixiu district also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with sichuan cuihong food co., ltd. to build a deep processing plant for chili series products in xixiu district. At present, the total investment of 300 million yuan pepper processing plant has been put into use, processing and production of 1,120 tons of fresh pepper per day.

  “At present, we dry 70 to 80 tons of chilies every day, and after processing, we supply them directly to haidilao, xiaolongkan and other famous restaurants in China.” Zhong shuhong, general manager of sichuan cuihong food co., LTD., said, “in the next step, we will also produce chili oil, hot pot base, chili powder, pickled pepper, flavor pepper and other products to extend the chili industry chain and increase the added value.”

  Xixiu district will also rely on the mature r&d, production technology and market of cuihong food company, and drive the registered poor households to develop the chili industry through “leading driving, order acquisition”, so as to achieve poverty alleviation and prosperity, consolidate the achievement of poverty alleviation, and make xixiu district a demonstration area of guizhou chili industry.



Post time: Oct-08-2019


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