The effect of pepper on the human body

  1. 1. Rich nutritionChili is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B group, vitamin C, among them dietary fiber, mineral is very rich also. Often eat chili still can add vitamin E, vitamin K, carotene, folic acid to wait for a vitamin. Hot chili taste, hot sex, and a lot of food therapy. Appetizer and digestionChili can promote digestive juice secrete, stomachic, eat a bit of chili appropriately at this moment, can let a person appetite is big shake.Warm your stomach and keep the cold out”Food herbs” said that pepper “elimination of food and lodging, jie jie qi, appetizer door, to avoid evil, kill the poison gas”. Because meet cold and appear abdominal cold, vomiting, diarrhoea when can eat some of chili appropriately.Improve blood circulation”Medicinal property is tested” in saying chili can “wen zhong disperses cold, divide wind to make sweat, go cold addiction, line phlegm, clearing damp. Capsicum can promote blood circulation, improve fear of cold, frostbite, vascular headache.5. Improve your skinHot peppers are good for your skin because they are rich in vitamin C and also promote the release of hormones. Many people think that eating chili peppers leads to acne, but it’s not really the chili peppers that matter. If the original love acne constitution, eat pepper will “add fuel to the fire”.Lose weightCapsaicin in chili can accelerate adipose decompose, have the effect that reduce weight. At the same time, because pepper is rich in dietary fiber, so the role of lowering blood fat is also very obvious, and has a certain anti-cancer effect.7. Pain relief and heat dissipationCapsicum is capsicum, can pass sweat and reduce body temperature, alleviate muscle ache, because this has stronger antipyretic analgesic effect. Capsaicin, found in chili peppers, reduces the neurotransmitter that conveys pain, making people less likely to feel pain, a us study found.


Post time: May-28-2019


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